Gold 2.0: Opening the Vault

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Purpose of this Book

Crypto is objectively dead. It had a good run but the huge bubble just popped. We lasted over 10 years but Bitcoin and Ethereum still haven’t contributed anything of value to the world…

The honest truth is — all of this has been said countless times.

Crypto isn’t going anywhere. It is the future. The future of more than just finance. In reality, all you need to change your financial future is this book and 30-minutes of your life. Join me, Isaiah McCall, a New York City comedian and top crypto blogger in this educational and irreverent exploration through cryptocurrency.

What you find in Book

Cryptocurrency can seem like a daunting topic, but Gold 2.0 makes it easy to understand! This hilarious, informative guide takes you step-by-step through the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to get into crypto or just brush up on your knowledge, Gold 2.0 is the perfect resource.

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