Now That Crypto is Objectively Dead, This is the Next Big Thing

Crypto is objectively dead. It had a good run but the huge bubble just popped. We lasted over 10 years but Bitcoin and Ethereum still haven’t contributed anything of value to the world — or so the bears like Mr. Whale and Peter Schiff keep saying. The honest truth is...

Were the Unabomber’s Predictions About Technology Correct?

In case you haven’t been keeping up with radical domestic terrorist history, the Unabomber was sort of a big deal back in the day. He sent bombs through the mail to various targets in big tech, media, and advertising for over 17 years, killing 3 people and injuring...

BlackRock is Secretly Taking Over the World Right Now

BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street are the four horsemen of the global economy. They own the world. They own you. Anytime you act economically you are transacting with BlackRock. This means — Anytime you watch television (they own most of the media)....

Do This Now— Once You Save $1,000

The longer you wait the more you miss out The late Mac Miller once sang, “I knew my life would change, all I needed was ‘one hundred grand.” I think a lot of us can relate. We hope one hundred grand falls into our laps and then all of our problems will go away. This...


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